Thursday, March 28, 2013

Concept Treatment

Everything is perfect now, you’ve done it. You’ve gotten the guy or girl of your dreams. Or maybe you’ve nabbed that promotion you’ve always wanted. Or maybe you’ve finally found the guts and climbed Mt. Everest.

And just at this peak of exhilaration, having finally found true happiness…

…You wake up. And you’re left back where you were the previous night.


Emily is a 10 year old girl who now works for the Dreamland.


This guy’s been working at his job for a loooooong time.

Secondary Characters

The Sandman/Lance

The Sandman is a wild, old mystic that has been guarding the Dreamlands since mankind first began to sleep. Contrary to popular belief, the Sandman doesn’t create dreams, we do. He and his hundreds if not thousands of workers monitor and supervise them, making sure the dreams don’t turn into nightmares.

Story Treatments

Treatment #1

Jak and Emily are wandering the halls of the Dreamland, examining dreams. These particular dreams are love dreams: dreams about the boy or girl you’re desperately in love with but too afraid to talk to in real life. Emily wants to make one of them come true, but Jak insists that these dreams are held by the geeks, the nerds, and the socially awkward. You know, the lost causes. There’s no way Emily can grant any of them; the dreamer is too painfully weird to ever get with the guy or girl of their dreams. Emily insists there’s no such thing as a lost cause and finds the dream of a young outcast, Wes, who just wants to ask his dream girl, Nina, to dance. In the dream, he gives her a rose all romantically and the girl of course says yes. “All he needs is a push,” Emily says. Jak relents, but he lets her know that if he’s right and the kid can’t ask the girl to dance, he’s just going to be insufferable.


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Concept Art

Welcome To Dreamland