Thursday, March 28, 2013


Emily is a 10 year old girl who now works for the Dreamland.

You see, a few years ago her father died. And now, every so often, she has a dream where her dad is still alive and this makes her incredibly happy. And just when she’s at her happiest, she wakes up. And her dad is still gone.

Because of this, her greatest wish is to make sure no one will ever wake up from a dream with their hopes and desires still left unfulfilled.

Little did she realize this longing would come to fruition when Jak accidentally opened a portal from her dream into the Dreamland and inadvertently led her to the Sandman himself.

Such beautiful honesty touched the Sandman and he has given her a special mission: to do exactly what she wants. Watch the dreams of people and in the real world help make them come true. And Jak, as the person who brought her to the Dreamland, is her guide.

Emily is a sweet, excitable child. She is relentlessly positive and always looks on the bright side of life. Few things get her down because she has a deep, abiding belief that people are fundamentally good and deserve happiness. This incredible kindness has a tendency to drive cynics (like Jak) crazy, but it always win them over in the end (again, like Jak).