Thursday, March 28, 2013

Secondary Characters

The Sandman/Lance

The Sandman is a wild, old mystic that has been guarding the Dreamlands since mankind first began to sleep. Contrary to popular belief, the Sandman doesn’t create dreams, we do. He and his hundreds if not thousands of workers monitor and supervise them, making sure the dreams don’t turn into nightmares.

As you can imagine, it’s a hard job being in charge and The Sandman’s been doing it since time began. He has the body of a 60 year old man and his face is craggy and jagged. He’s not so much defeated as worn down. But that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the dreams of humans and the work his dream supervisors accomplish. “This is the ultimate job,” he reminds them. “Nothing is more important than what we do.”

The Sandman is touched by Emily. He finds her sentiments noble and sweet and wishes she would do her best to help the world because The Sandman loves people. He’s been around since the birth of the human race and he’s happy to see it’s a long-lived species. They deserve real lasting happiness he thinks, and if Emily can be the first step towards this goal, then so be it.

Emily: Thank you so much, Mr. uh,…um, uh…

The Sandman: Please, call me, “Lance.”

Emily: Why Lance?

The Sandman: Because nobody’s ever called me that before. I’d like to try it out. See if I like it.

Emily: Oh, okay. Lance.

Few things are quite as wonderful as seeing, The Sandman’s (I mean Lance’s) craggy mouth turn into a smile.


Krik is another dream supervisor, same as Jak. Krik is much younger and much more of a dick. He thinks he’s a real up and comer and just wishes old timers like Jak would get out of his way.

Krik is small and thin, about half the size of Jak. But his temperament belongs to that of an 8 foot bully. He doesn’t suffer fools and thinks things should be done his way or not at all.

Krik thinks Emily’s mission is dumb and ruthlessly mocks Jak for his allegiance to a dumb little human. Though it can’t be proven, it is suspected that Krik routinely tries to disrupt Jak and Emily’s mission. Since the missions always turn out fine, it would be wise for Krik to never put his name on those failures.

Krik is an unethical fellow and often skirts the rules to be number one. He may or may not have ties to The Nightmare King, which may lead you to wonder which team he’s fighting for. We’ll just have to find out.

The Nightmare King

As the name would imply, the Nightmare King is the king of all nightmares. The King and his legion of monstrous creatures are solely responsible for turning all good dreams into bad ones.

Back before civilization, the Nightmare King ran wild and loose but The Sandman managed to finally lock him up deep within the bowels of the Dreamland. While the King might not be able to escape, his loyal creatures always find a way out.

The Nightmare King is unhinged. While he was always a crazy fellow, the years of being locked up have driven him further mad. He’s aware that people don’t like nightmares but that doesn’t bother him; all he wants to do is escape and be able to engulf the world in the scariest nightmares of all time.

He doesn’t know how, but he knows Emily is the key to his freedom.