Thursday, March 28, 2013


This guy’s been working at his job for a loooooong time.

As a dream supervisor, Jak’s job is to watch peoples’ dreams and make sure none of the Nightmare King’s little creatures have invaded them. If they have, Jak is to find them and catch them before they infect the dream and turn it into a nightmare.

All things considered it’s a good job; it’s just that, after thousands of years of doing it, the whole process has worn him down. Jak has grown bored and cynical watching generations upon generations of people have the exact same dreams about the exact same things over and over again. What was once an exciting and wondrous opportunity has turned into just another 9 to 5 job.

That is, until he meets Emily. Emily is the complete opposite of Jak: young, idealistic, impulsive and fun. She finds the world of dreams amazing and beautiful and her devotion to her mission shows a dedication that almost entirely mystifies Jak.

But he likes her anyway. Together they make a fun pair: the loud cynic and the quiet optimist. Jak may complain and complain that a mission is too ridiculous to complete but Emily will cheerfully try to achieve it anyway. And when things don’t look so good, Jak will step in and make sure it succeeds. There’s a big warm heart beating in Jak’s chest; he just doesn’t like to acknowledge it.

Jak is a dream creation so he’s not really a human or an animal. He’s an amorphous creature with a round head, long neck and triangle shaped body. Jak is more of an abstraction than anything we see on planet Earth, but he fits in with all the other abstract characters in the Dreamland.